Dr Philip Goodwin

‘The poorest countries globally account for 90% of drowning deaths. I’m delighted to be working with the RNLI to help bring about change.’
Dr Philip Goodwin, RNLI Trustee
Dr Philip Goodwin, RNLI Trustee

Dr Philip Goodwin has been Chief Executive of Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) since March 2015.  

Before taking up this position, Philip was Chief Executive of TREE AID, where he led the expansion of programme work into Ethiopia and Niger, doubling the overall number of beneficiaries the organisation reaches. With a PhD in Environmental Policy, he has previously worked with the British Council in Mali, Belgium, Pakistan, Uganda and Kenya and conducted research into poverty issues with the Overseas Development Institute, as well as being both a Trustee and an Executive in a number of other charities. 

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