Fish Supper promotion card while people eat a Fish Supper

Download extra Fish Supper materials

If your house is the plaice to be this autumn and you have a few more soles to serve, you can get extra materials here. Need more invitations or extra table names for your guests? Take your pick from our downloadable materials.

Dinner party guest being poured a glass of wine at the table. Photo: Grant Squibb

Fish Supper quiz

Once supper is over, the fun doesn’t have to stop. Top up your guests’ wine glasses and play some games to end the night. Games are a great way to get your guests involved in the fun and the fundraising. Happy guests are usually generous guests and we’ve got a fish-themed quiz that will keep them entertained after dinner.

Download the Fish Supper quiz questions UK version (PDF 1.07MB)

Download the Fish Supper quiz answers UK version (PDF 587KB)

Download the Fish Supper quiz questions Welsh version (PDF 1.91MB)

Download the Fish Supper quiz answers Welsh version (PDF 527KB)

Supper place cards

Download and print our Fish Supper place cards to make your guests feel welcome at the table.

Remember to check out the game inside your fundraising guide so that guests can fill in their nautical name!

Download Fish Supper place cards UK version (PDF 3.62MB)

Download Fish Supper place cards Welsh version (PDF 2.62MB)

Fish Supper fundraising pack contents laid out on a table. Photo credit: Bright Blue Day

Invitations for your guests

We’ve created some Fish Supper invitations so that you can easily invite your friends and family to join your dinner. Download and print your invites and send them round to yours guests so they can hold the date!

Download Fish Supper invitations UK version (500KB)

Download Fish Supper invitations Welsh version (1.42MB)

Fish Supper social media graphics

Download your social media graphics to share your supper with your friends and family on Facebook and Twitter.

Create your own napkin lifeboat

A Fish Supper wouldn’t be the same without a lifeboat. Watch our video to learn how to fold your napkins and bring the RNLI to your table with a little lifeboat.

Not using napkins? Use paper instead to make your table decorations. Remember to share pictures of your napkin creations using #RNLIFishSupper.

Download your fundraising guide

If you've registered for Fish Supper but not downloaded your fundraising guide yet, then we've got the links for you here! You can easily download the English guide (PDF 2.25MB) or download the Welsh guide (PDF 2.44MB) and print a copy at home.