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Donate in memory

Your loved one can be forever by the sea with a lifesaving gift to the RNLI. Every donation helps us keep more people safe at the water from 24/7 search and rescue to protecting families at the beach.

The perfect tribute

Sailing out to sea, beach days, ice cream on the prom – if you have great memories of your loved one by the sea, a gift to the RNLI in their name is the perfect way to keep their memory alive.

A donation to the RNLI in memory of a loved one is the perfect tribute and means their legacy lives on through our lifesaving work. You can make a one-off donation, or set up a regular gift to commemorate birthdays, anniversaries, or other special dates.

There are many ways to honour the memory of someone special with the RNLI; together, we’ll help you support your loved one in the most meaningful way for you and your family.

How your gift supports the RNLI

Training that turns ordinary people into extraordinary lifesavers, kit that protects them as they risk their lives to save others, innovations that teach young people the skills to survive in open water. Every penny we receive is used wherever the need is greatest – that’s why your gift helps us make a real difference.

95% of our total income comes from donations. The donations we receive help our courageous volunteers answer the call for help from anyone who needs them – at any time of day or night, in all weather conditions.

On behalf of all of our lifesavers – and the thousands of people they rescue every year – thank you for considering a donation in memory of your loved one.

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Launch a Memory graphic showing lifeboat in water with names in memory of loved ones on the side
Launch a memory
Commemorate the life of someone you miss by sharing their name through Launch a Memory. Your loved one's name will be proudly displayed on the Shannon's hull with up to 10,000 names
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RNLI donation envelopes for collections at funeral and memorial services
Funeral donations
Fish and chip lover, sailing enthusiast, RNLI supporter - only you know why a funeral collection for the RNLI is what they would have wanted.
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Give a donation in memory
Thank you so much for choosing to make a donation in memory of a loved one. Our lifesaving service relies on the kindness of supporters like you and your friends and family.
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Create a lasting tribute
A young child skims stones with an adult on a sandy beach at sunset
Tribute Funds

An RNLI Forever by the Sea Tribute Fund is the perfect place to share your fond memories of a loved one and, if you wish, celebrate these special moments with family and friends.

Create a lasting tribute
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Josh Crave  and his friends competing in the Red Bull Soapboax Race for the RNLI, in memory of his grandad.
Events in memory
Tribute Funds can be used alongside your personal JustGiving or Virgin Money fundraising page to raise money to remember someone dear to you.
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