Portsmouth Lifeboat Appeal

Be part of the lifeboat family at Portsmouth by helping the volunteer crew raise £52,000 for a new D class lifeboat.

Portsmouth lifeboat volunteers are proud of their lifesaving service. They’ve launched 296 times in their inshore lifeboat, Brian’s Pride, in the past decade. Now their lifeboat is reaching the end of its operational life.

Today, please support the next chapter in Portsmouth’s history – help our lifesavers to bring a new D class lifeboat home.

Portsmouth D class lifeboat in action

Photo: RNLI/Nathan Williams

Portsmouth D class lifeboat in action

Be part of over 130 years of lifesaving history

Generations of Portsmouth men and women have had the courage to volunteer on RNLI lifeboats here, rescuing people in trouble, for more than 130 years. The volunteers have braved unpredictable seas around Portsmouth to save more than 750 lives. In 2018, the crew launched on service 92 times to rescue people in trouble on the water.

Since 1965, the station has been home to the D class inshore lifeboat, the workhorse of the RNLI’s fleet. Can you help give today’s volunteers the new lifeboat they deserve to save lives for years to come?

What you will help send to sea

Little has changed in the D class’s shape since 1963, but the craft is now made of durable hypalon-coated polyester, and has the best possible technology onboard to aid lifesavers.

The latest software on the new Portsmouth lifeboat will help the crew identify passing marine traffic and plan accordingly.

How you can help - a message from Portsmouth Crew Member Jordan ‘Pads’ Paddon

‘It would be amazing to have a new lifeboat. With a D class lifeboat we can reach places where other boats can’t. We have a lot of trust in our D class lifeboat – we know we can go out to sea, get the people in trouble and come back safely.

‘Being surrounded on all sides by sea here at Portsmouth, you never know who’s going to need rescuing by that lifeboat. It could be me, you, one of your family or any member of the community.

‘Just by donating the money – whatever you can afford – you’re helping us provide the service we do. You’re part of the lifesaving. 

‘Thank you from us all at Portsmouth Lifeboat Station.’