Lifesavers worldwide can download free guides to help develop their own services.

Since 2012, the RNLI has been working with partners in low-resource areas, helping them to set up rescue and prevention services. Together we’ve tested and developed a series of free, open-source materials to help others do the same.

If you have any feedback or questions about how to use these guides safely and effectively in your own organisation, please email us at

All RNLI international resources are covered by a non-commercial creative commons license. Therefore, our resources can be freely shared but are only to be used for commercial purposes with prior permission from the RNLI. Please email

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  • Community First Aid manual cover
    PDF download - 1.80MB - UPDATED 2 JULY
    Community First Aid
  • Trainer/Assessor manual cover
    PDF download – 2.26KB
    Trainer/Assessor - English
  • Trainer/Assessor manual cover

    PDF download - 2.24 MB 

    Trainer/Assessor - Swahili
  • ta manual Bengali screenshot

    PDF download - 2.35MB

    Trainer/Assessor - Bengali

Maritime search and rescue

  • check cards thumbnail

    PDF download - 482KB

    Maritime Search and Rescue Check Cards
  • search and rescue thumbnail
    PDF download - 6.68MB
    Maritime Search and Rescue
  • Search and Rescue Service Implementation manual cover
    PDF download - 4.65MB
    Maritime Search and Rescue Service Implementation


  • Flood Safety manual cover
    PDF download – 2.36MB
    Flood Safety
  • Flood Rescue manual cover
    PDF download - 3.19MB
    Flood Rescue
  • Flood Rescue Service Implementation manual cover
    PDF download - 4.58MB
    Flood Rescue Service Implementation

Aquatic Survival

  • Aquatic Survival: Water Safety manual cover
    Download - PDF 907KB
    Aquatic Survival: Water Safety Education
  • Aquatic Survival: Self Survival and Rescue manual cover
    Download - PDF 3.71MB
    Aquatic Survival: Self-Survival and Rescue
  • Aquatic Survival Service Implementation manual cover
    PDF download – 1.92MB
    Aquatic Survival: Programme Implementation


  • Beach Lifeguard manual cover
    PDF download - 1.90MB
    Beach Lifeguard
  • Beach Lifeguard Service Implementation manual cover
    PDF download – 3.38MB
    Beach Lifeguard Service Implementation

Low-Cost Equipment

  • Rescue Throwline manual cover

    PDF download - 3.92MB

    Rescue Throwline 
  • Rescue Board Manual PDF thumbnail
    Rescue Board
    This manual provides step-by-step instructions on how to build a rescue board in a low-resource setting, including all the materials and equipment needed. Due to the complex nature of the work involved, this manual is available by request only. Please submit your details and we will be in touch shortly.